Sunday, April 6, 2014

In Re: Straight Man plays Transwoman

Since apparently every trans person in required to have an opinion, and there is also apparently only one correct one, a couple of things to say. In "Dallas Buyers Club," Jared Leto plays a transwoman in the movie. This is "wrong," I'm told, for many reasons.
Honestly, I don't care. No, really. For many reasons! One, I don't know how the role evolved, what the intent of the producers was, or the actor. Two, no tranperson even tried out for the part, so what, they should have been required to go out and find one? Three, the incessant lecturing of the transadvocacy people, rather than conversations, doesn't do any good. Four, who plays what does nothing to my own sense of myself. What, "oh no, a guy played someone somewhat like me, I'm worth less than I thought," am I supposed to think that? That seems to be one of the points being made, on behalf of the "trans community," which always wants to speak for me.
Well, no. And getting myself worked into a lather over it is a waste of my time. I have far, far better things to do with it. I've said it many times, but I'm a parent, a volunteer, I'm a good employee, I help people lose weight in my own small part, keep score for numerous high school contests, and lots of other things. Trans comes far down on that list. Oh yes, it's part of who I am, but it's not something I'm proud of; it just is. I hope my just being me, and interacting with people daily, can show people what a transperson is. I think it's a much better way to do so than lecturing about why someone getting a movie role is unfair.
This is an unpopular stance. I'm *supposed* to be upset about it. But I'm not. And when this blows over, there will be another thing I'm supposed to be angry and upset and organizing petitions for. Sorry, I'm done with it. Transadvocacy has taken it's turn towards lecture, be angry, declaring any out-of-step thought as phobia, bigotry, and discrimination, and generally a lot of shouting. I'm out. I'll be over here, living my life (which was what it was all about, being able to live my life without hating myself), and hopefully being a good example. And having a far better time doing it, I suspect.